Donate and receive a custom vid!

Donate and get a custom video!! See here for more info.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Vids, pics and custom vids. Donate!!

Hi, Do you want vids of my picture sets you see on here? Extra unpublished pics?
You can get these by donating to my blog!
Donations go towards buying me more tight, sexy outfits.

$10 or more gets you all of my pics.

$20 or more gets you pics and a 20 minute video.

If you donate $50 or over I will send you all my pics plus a custom video, 1/2 hour in length, where you get to tell me what you want to see me wearing and what you would like me to do!

To donate just click on the link below and enter the amount. Record the purpose of your donation as a gift when asked.

If you have any questions (and ideas for custom vids) you can email me at

After you donate, I will be notified of your email and then I will send the vids and/or pics onto you.

Plus you can watch me live on cam at the link below. Check my profile page for cam times.
Watch me live on cam here


  1. Hi Amber, that sounds interesting, how would I contact you to let you know what I would like in my custom video? I can't find an email address. Or do you contact me after I donate? Sorry I don't have skype/twitter

  2. Hi sirlancelot,
    the email you can contact me on is:
    Cant wait to hear what sexy ideas you have for me ;)